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World Service Centers Contacts

World Service Center Contacts


Plot 2 ,square 1258 “W”, Masaken Sheraton , Heliopolis - 02 22687888 / 02 22687999

Salah Salem

17 Obour Buildings, Salah Salem st., Nasr City ,Cairo - 02 22639638


17 Wadi el Nil street next to Maadi Metro station, Cell phone: 01002133246


3 Salah Gahin st. from Ahmed Orabi st, Behind Omar Afandi Telephone: 33457765- Cell phone: 01002133273

6th of October

El-Madina Commerical Center, 4th District, 6th Of October, El Nagda Square. Telephone: 38348905. Cell phone: 01002133261


15 El Soultan Hussein Str. Telephone: 20643923305- Cell Phone: 01068822804


1 Elbaladya club wall, extention of Shokry El Qatuly st. beside Cleopatra hotel. Telephone: 0402381259- Cell phone: 01068822826

Sharm El Sheikh

Kalila Mall, Naema Bay. Cell phone: 01117005705


201 Guish Road, Roshdy. El- Korniche, Alexanderia. Telephone: 03/5413154- Cell phone: 01068822833


Khader street, El Gariab Square, Building of Mahmoud Eldaly. Telephone: 0623343168- Cell phone: 01002133271

10th of Ramadan

El Gawhara Mall beside El Rawad Club unit no. 29. Telephone: 015354541//015354542- Cell phone: 01275442442.


El Sadat Road, El Hakem Mall Beside TV Building. Cell phone: 01003418147-01114370184- Telephone: 097/2335736

AL Areish

1 El Bahr Street, In front of Ibn Sinai Mosque. Telephone: 068 3357584- Cell phone: 01066653727 

Port Saeid

Intersection of Salah Salem street with Mohamed Mahmoud. Cell phone: 0100 3418016/ 01003418018/ 01094488352


Kornish el Nile, El Asaar, Roushdy street beside the high bridge. Cell phone: 011 47041415


Aribia street, korniche after Hilton Plaza, office number 6. Telephone: 01063055223


El Ashghal road beside Safaga port. Cell phone: 01148973789/ 01121162072 


Gamet El Dewal, El Rabia street, kalmany shop. Cell phone: 0111 7240059.

Beni Sueif

Salah Salem road, In front of the high bridge. Cell phone: 01113279284/ 0100 7408098.


Kornishe el Nil, Hilton Road. Cell phone: 01003418139


Dandar bridge street, El Dolphen square. Cell phone: 01000166264.

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