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Welcome To Egypt Express

• Egypt Express (EE) is a joint stock company registered in Egypt and has been the licensee of Federal Express Corporation since 1998 headquarters in Cairo and employs more than 700 employees.
• Egypt Express is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which thrives in providing and exceeding customers’ expectations, with a network of courier bases all across Egypt and runs its own surface line haul which reflects the company policy of providing reliability and commitment to the customers, for better operational performance and controls. 

Domestic Tracking


Grow and transform into the Best International and Domestic Express Logistics Company accepting social and environmental responsibility as seen through the eyes of customers, employees, local community and the world at large. This will be achieved by our attention to detail in three critical areas of our business: customer, service and quality.


To continuously improve and add value to the service chain providing our customers the highest quality service, customizing business solutions and accepting ethical standards through its long experience and reputation within the Egyptian market.

Core Values

We are and will always be “customer centric”
As a professional, ethical and customer friendly organization we believe in the following core values and consider each value as having critical importance in every decision and action we take.

  • Exceed stake holder’s expectations.
  • Innovate and add value using the best technology.
  • Commitment to service excellence.
  • Accept social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Optimization of resources



EE has presence in all major cities and towns across Egypt to provide overnight domestic delivery of shipments ranging from half kg document to a full truck load .This has been possible with extensive, reliable and efficient domestic distribution systems

FedEx Express Mobile World Service Center

FedEx Express Mobile WSC was launched by Egypt Express to be the first mobile office in Egypt to prove that we care for our “ Customers” by providing them with our services wherever they are.

Location Finder

Egypt Express pick up, transport & deliver any document or package inside the Egyptian territory, to see the locations covered by (EE), each world service center address & it's contact number please visit this URL.

Domestic Express Shipping Calculator

The volumetric weight is a calculation to reflect the density of a package. It is calculated & compared with the actual shipment weight, the higher weight is used to calculate the shipment cost